A journey like no other

Throughout half a year, beginning start of august 2022, a rebuilt military truck will take its passengers to countries like the Czech Republic, Bosnia, Italy, Algeria, Spain, Portugal and France.

The truck has been equipped with all modern comforts, so you don’t have to compromise your personal hygiene or a good nights sleep along the way.

With no boundaries, other than the roads and the imagination of the passengers, this is a unique chance of visiting places that see very few tourists. Get close to nature in a way otherwise only possible in a tent and with a rucksack. We’ll drive through the sundrenched landscape of Italy, catch fish and swim in the waters of the Mediterreanean Sea on the coast of Portugal. Camp under the stars in the Atlas mountains and the outskirts of the Sahara desert.

Whatever you desire, now is your chance.

About me

My name is Martin, but my friends call me Mat. I live in Copenhagen, Denmark. From a very early age, i’ve had two main interests. Firstly, all things motorized. I’ve been building, modifying, repairing, riding and driving for close to 30 years. I’m that guy who knows how to fix things, and how to improvise and invent.

The second thing i’ve always been into, is any kind of adventure. Whether urban exploring, camping, motorcycle trips, rooftop graffitti painting or fishing, if it’s outside of the beaten path, i’m pretty much instantly drawn to it.

This year, i combine my two greatest passions, by going on the ultimate one-year adventure, in my own home-built vehicle.

Besides me, there’s room for 3 passengers. Wanna join?

About the truck

The truck is a repurposed four-wheel drive Iveco Magirus from the Danish military. It’s in great condition, and has only been driven around 40.000 km (25.000 miles). For a vehicle of this size, that’s almost brand new.

The facilities include:

  •      3 sleeping cabins (two 210×90 cm and one 240×100 cm), each with a separate window, curtain for privacy, power outlet and dimmable reading light.
  •      Fully equipped kitchen with refrigerator, stove and sink with running water.
  •      Fully equipped bathroom with shower and toilet.
  •      Air suspension seats for all passengers.

See the gallery for pictures.