Practical information



Please check the current Covid-19 regulations for the relevant countries.


A large number of counties require a valid visa to visit. To apply, contact the embassy of relevant country. Please remember that visa applications can take weeks. APPLY IN TIME!

It is your sole responsibility to obtain a relevant visa for the country/countries you want to visit! Without it, you will be denied entry to the country!


It is strongly recommended that you consult your doctor about the need for vaccinations for the country/countries you wish to visit.

It is recommended to get your vaccinations at least a couple of weeks before the trip.

Travel insurance


Martin Randrup is not responsible for any injury, accident, illness, personal loss, personal property damage or other loss sustained while participating in adventure and travel activities arranged by Martin Randrup. See the participation contract for full list of terms and conditions.

Practical advice

  • Generally it is recommended, that your passport is valid a year from departure.
  • Notify your family and friends of when and where you are going to travel, and how to contact you.
  • It is recommended to buy cancellation insurance and – if possible – a destination change option when buying your airline ticket.
  • Generally, bringing fancy/expensive clothing, jewelry, watches and similar is not recommended. Part of the trip will take place in poor rural areas, and unwanted attention and envy can cause problems with the locals.

General rules

  • ALWAYS be respectful of the culture you’re in, and follow local laws and customs!
  • No alcohol or other intoxicants is allowed while driving.
  • I expect that we all work together as a team.

Recommended packing list

Remember, you can almost always buy what you need on the road. However, here’s a basic list of essentials:


  •      Passport. Generally it is recommended, that your passport is valid a year from departure.
  •      Money. International debit- or credit card, along with some cash.
  •      Visa(s).
  •      Travel insurance.


  •      Sleeping bag or duvet, and a light blanket.
  •      Pillow.
  •      Bedsheet, 200 x 100 cm.
  •      Small backpack for trips.
  •      Books and other reading material.


  •      If you are taking prescription medication, bring enough for the whole trip.
  •      Some countries may require you to document your personal need for prescription medication. Talk to your doctor.
    For Danes: Du skal have et såkaldt pillepas for at rejse med bestemte typer medicin. Se mere her:
  •      Probiotics and anti-diarrhea pills are recommended.
    For Danes: Paraghurt + Imodium.


Bring clothing suitable for the countries you’ll visit, and the time of year. Keep it minimal and practical.